Who is
Mr. Fix It?

About us

Honesty, Quality, & Respect

An Auto Repair Shop That Cares.

Originally from South Texas, David Petty grew up learning mechanics by necessity. Either learn to “Fix It” or go without.  After meeting in college, David and Jolie came to the southwest Missouri region to be around family. Throughout the years, David’s skills continued to grow and sharpen into a passion that was hard to ignore. In 2020, Mr. Fix It was born. 

Our goal at Mr. Fix It is to provide a service that you won’t find at other auto shops- Integrity. As a small business, we understand what it means to treat our customers like family. And that means not taking advantage of the community that supports us. When you walk into Mr. Fix It, you will be greeted by Jolie, and an atmosphere that projects the friendliness that has become synonymous with our business. And that trusting relationship with our customer is the absolute best service we can provide.

Out of 5

There Is No Other Place I Will Ever Take My Vehicles

David is the only mechanic that I would recommend in the greater Neosho area. The staff is extremely professional, and David will give 110% to fix any problem he finds. They are always upfront and honest about everything. A sense of community and customer service that had been lost in America for so long can be found at Mr. Fix It. There’s no other place you need to take your vehicle. Honestly, there is no other place I will ever take any of my vehicles.

Steven Michael